Putting down a marker...




You can always change paint. When you're knocking something together in oils, the canvas can be worked and re-worked until you've got a rough approximation of the image you're trying to achieve. Not so with marker pens. The clue's in the name. They are pens which leave a mark; indelibly so. That's why these particular works from Simon Parish appeal. They capture brief moments and resonate with a sense of place, but are executed in a stark manner which brings these fleeting memories back to life in a vivid fashion which startles, and yes, delights. There's also an obvious joy in wielding colour, with the images taking on an almost abstract feel, with the seemingly mundane transfigured into something magical. He may be dealing with the forgotten corners of our existence, but he's lifted them to an altogether higher plane.

Parish: "I want the work to have an immediate visual impact and yet to slowly reveal itself to the viewer on other levels. Drawing allows me to operate in a space that is neither painting nor photography but is something like them both. The particular materials I use, marker pens, allow me to think like a painter without painting. Drawing can operate quickly and efficiently and have the clarity of photography. I like this hybrid state and feel my drawing operates in a place away from modern technology and back to the handmade."

Robert Meddes